Last day before your move

moving houseHopefully, moving out of your old home isn’t really going to take that much, but it’s safe to assume it is going to be a very busy day anyway. Moving, in London or elsewhere, doesn’t have to be complicated, and it helps a lot when you get help from a professional moving company, but it does entail a lot of attention to detail, and you, the owner of the old house, are the one who will have to work hardest to make sure nothing is overlooked. And for that the last day before your move is critical. To give you a hand at remembering everything you need to, here is a list of things you might want to do before leaving the house for good.
First, review your packing list and recheck that everything is in order, packed away and perfectly ready for transportation. Keep in mind that unpacking will be a long process too, and there are a few things you will need almost as soon as you reach your new home, so it’s essential that you ready a separate box with bare necessity items such as personal hygiene products or one change of clothes for each member of the family.
Packaging materialSecond, deal with the issue of the spare key to the old home. It’s imperative that, before you move out, you make sure you know exactly where that spare is, as you don’t want to turn looking for the key into a last moment emergency. By taking care of this aspect, you are saving yourself a lot of headache, frustration, or, worst case scenario, significant delays in the moving process. Not to mention the embarrassment of having the vans of the moving company pull up in front of your home and having to tell them you can’t leave yet – because of the spare key problem.
And speaking of vans and moving men, it’s just as important that you reserve a parking space for them in advance, at the site of your new home. They will probably spend quite a lot of time there too, so be sensible about it and organize parking so as to avoid penalties, fines, or other kind of trouble. Take care of these details.