Moving valuables

Moving your valuables the right way!

When moving to a new location chaos can occur while arranging for your moving day. As a result, many of your valuables can be misplaced during the packing and arranging, therefore it is imperative that you keep a close track on where your valuables are and keep them close to you.

moving valuablesWhen moving valuables you have to always make a list with all your precious items. Try to keep them all in the same place and especially if there are jewellery or other small items such as luxury clocks, bracelets, rings, necklaces you have to carefully pack them together and label them correctly.

In the same list mentioned before make sure you write there any important documents that you have.  Place the documents in a plastic cover so they will be protected during your move from the sun and rain as to preserve them in the best condition possible.

This list is what can help you keep your items safe and secure until you’re ready to unpack them at a later date.  By having this list will also help keeping everything organized and avoid any stress related to the loss of valuables.

Take your time to find proper and suitable safe boxes for your items or keep them in their original boxes if you still have them. After you took and organized all your precious belongings that are on the list, make sure you place them in a big box which has special labelling. For an easier way to know which is what, you can try and place coloured labels on the boxes where you keep all your precious items.

Moving LondonIf having these items in a normal box unsettles you, drop by a specialty store and purchase a safe where you can keep them while moving or even after. Although you might think this is all you can do to ensure the safety of your items, there are other measures you can take to protect these valuables even more. When the moving day comes there are two ways of transporting these valuables, you can either take them with you when you’re moving to the new location so you will feel safer with them there, or you can inform the moving company that you have a high value box to be transported, this way they will know to keep that box in a safe place and to move it with great caution.

Although travelling with the valuable box can be safer for you if the quantity is bigger than you anticipated and it’s hard to move it around yourself, we recommend talking to the moving company beforehand and explaining the need to have the valuables box transported with higher care.